I like many others, did not become aware of Shoebuy.com's new return policy until I went to return two pair of shoes. When I called Shoebuy to inquire about the new restocking fee, I was told the policy had changed in July and that it is on their website. I went to their website to see how I could have missed this new charge for returns while I had the customer service rep on the phone with me. All Shoebuy did was change the wording under the 'FREE SHIPPING' to "free exchanges. No worries". How underhanded is that of Shoebuy!

After shopping on this site for years, I admittedly did not notice the subtle change in wording which use to say "free exchanges. Free returns". I too feel Shoebuy should have sent out an email or letter to all past customers notifying them of the change. Have now closed my account with them and will be shopping elsewhere.

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