I purchased a pair of expensive shoes and they hurt my feet when I tried them on in the house – never wore them. I went to return them and my husband had inadvertently thrown away the shoe box. I called Shoebuy customer service and the person told me it was okay and to send them back in any box. I did and a few days later I checked on the return and it was being sent back to me because of not having the original box. I called and this time talked to the supervisor and reviewed the above and she kept telling me I should have read the return policy. Granted I should have but after reviewing with her how I am a good customer over 7 years and how it wasn't worth losing me over a 50 cent box, she did not agree. I am beside myself and can't even use these shoes. I am not saying don't buy from them because of the shoes or customer service but because obviously those making the big bucks and decisions don't care about us.

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