The Shoprite in Cardiff, MD. Should put their employees through some etiquette classes. I'm a caregiver to a disabled, older lady. Because of her disabilities, she has state assistance. AKA "food stamps". I dread dealing with their cashiers. They maliciously go out of their way to let everyone within earshot know when someone is using an EBT card. I've shopped there for myself before, and saw a young mother being "called out" as well, for her EBT card. They hire the most despicable little. Their customer service employees are no better. No help, because they're too busy talking about customers and other employees to turn around. When they do see you, and figure out they're actually at work, the sighs and eye rolls begin. Where do you find these kids Shoprite!?!? I now take all my business down the street to Saubel's. Their employees have some couth!

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