On Nov. 19,2015 I spoke with Proctor of your staff. I recently placed an order for 2 DVD's and about 400 prints but did not receive the DVD's and about 55 prints were missing. Proctor investigated the situation and could not find any problem as to why the DVDs were not produced. He reordered the DVDs for me and advised me he would keep track of the order and advise me of same.
He also credited my account for the 55 prints I did not receive.
I had taken a picture of my two grandsons earlier this month. I absolutely loved the picture. When I received the print, the top of the head of my grandson was cut off. I tried to crop it to get the print I wanted to no avail. I advised Proctor of my problem with the print and although it took some time to understand the process on my part, he was very patient and talked me through the steps. He went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the results. Proctor is indeed a credit to your organization.

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