You guys, I usually don't post on any website but what happened to me was so bad that I don't wish it on shaitan/satan himself. And the guy is still on that site like he is the King of the world.
I had my heart broken by this man who promised to marry me. I never in my life dated men or went out with men. I always kept to myself.
I trusted this guy. He even spoke to my mom.
He broke his promise because apparently I found out his parents said I was "beneath" him because I do not have a bachelor's degree and at the time I wasn't working. This has never bothered him. Apparently now, he has issues.
Alhamdulilah I found a great career. I have goals too. Everytime I try to message him, he blocks me like I am some trash from the street. I am a respected woman with respected parents and a respected sibling. We are hard working and we never took short cuts.I never wronged anyone.
To find out that his parents say I am "beneath him" dehumanizes me and insults me so much I was sick. My body was sick.
This is the same man who promised marriage. And told me about how many kids he wants with me and told me he was looking up school districts for them. He now says that I would just be "popping out kids, spending friviously, cooking and cleaning." That is why he wants a"professional" career woman. As if your career has any inidcator of your future potential as a wife/mother.
Pride in Islam is a huge nono! This man feels pride. Gone are the days where he would show his parents a report card. Now he wants someone who will fit the image of a "Perfect Muslimah", after he screwed me over and humiliated me to my family and friends.
Walahi I put my hands up to Allah everyday and make dua.I have been transgressed and humiliated in the worst of ways. Now this guy is blocking me and he is on that disgusting website TILL THIS DAY! looking for God knows what. Allah will never accept your ibadah when someone is crying themselves to sleep and has contemplated suicide. Playing with a girl's heart is the worst thing ever.
He sat there and made every excuse on why Im such a bad match.He said I texted too much because I had no job. Which is insulting because I text because I loved him. He compared my texts to chores.Funny, texting is a chore but sifting through pages of fake profiles isnt a waste of time?
He had no valid reason why Im such a bad match.I am a good person with a good heart. But that wasn't enough.
Trying to bury the past doesn't do anything.Just like burying a body and trying to move on. You know you're guilty and so does Allah. You can lie to 'yourself and make as many excuses until death do you part… but you will never be blessed through the pain of another person who actually cared for you.
Way down the road, he will stubbornly disregard me and marry whatever person he finds off this low budget site. When the honeymoon period wears, he will find himself disagreements/fights with her. Because he married her for her educational background/career, both of them wouldn't have the patience to deal with each other. Patience stems from love. And we know the foundations of that marriage were never based on love..but on superficiality. Because God forbid the son of a Academic doesn't find an engineer or a surgeon to marry. That would be an embarrassment!!!! right?
I was broken up with because of pride. Men are getting cheated on and marry evil women and all he has to complain about me is that I text too much and I don't have a career yet? Even though I do now and my manager/coworkers are on their phones all day texting their spouses and kids?
Women and men, beware. I was heartbroken and blocked and disrespected to the utmost extreme.I can't go into detail about what he did to me, but I have suffered greatly for a year.
I make dua everyday and I beg of you all to make dua for me. To promise a girl marriage and to tell her you love her and than change your mind overnight because your parents think I am "beneath you"" thats just evil.
Good luck to any woman who marries into that family. With overbearing parents and a brother of his who cheated on his educated fiancee and was the cause of their breakup. 3 brothers and none of them are married. By the grace of Allah.
They hurt women and than deny that woman's existence once they are through with her.
I do not want to reveal this guy's name. But be weary of any guys in the Maryland area.
Remember the dua of the mazloom/transgressed. When someone is wronged and they put their hands up to Allah for help. Allah says he will respond immediately, because there is no hijab/barrier between the oppressed caller and him.
Stay away from that website please! walahi you will regret it. I spent a year in depression and pain.
After all of that he didnt give a care in the world. He told me I was "unhealthy" and a "wounded animal" and to "move on". So he can make way for his next victim.
This is the talk of a Muslim man?
this is not an Islamic site, this is a dating site. I now understand clearly why dating is haram. Not because of the sex or kissing…Because of the heartbreak! to make another human being suffer while you move on and get married is the definition of cruel.
This site makes money off of people's misery and pain. Please I beg you, do not sign up! this site is not worth your peace of mind.

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