On 23rd Nov 2015, i had my second call with Singtel where i spoke with Ms Diyanah from the customer service side. She was able to deliver her suggestions and help in a nice manner which could easily be understand by the customer. I also would like to comment on her communication skills where she showed patients and tried to suggest alternatives. Not only suggesting, but also took customer's suggestion into mind. I basically called in to have my line activated earlier. However, the line was under my dad's name, so i was asked to get my dad to verify it, but, he was not with me at the moment. So when i suggested her to make a call to my dad and verify with him, she immediately said yes and with no trouble she called him up. Once she had verified, she had to call me up to. It is a very troublesome process, however she took my suggestion into mind and took all the trouble to do it within 5 to 10 mins, which is considered efficient as Singtel is a busy corporate and customer related company. I really appreciate Ms Diyanah for her kind and effectiveness. Hope she would be an aspiring customer service officer always and be recognised for her work. I would like to rate her service with a 5 (excellent service). Thank you Singtel. Thank you Diyanah.

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