I'm realy pissed about the way I was told to get you're service. The person told me that for the promotion that they were giving at the time I would have raidio and internet for a year for this prise now last week my phone broke And I got it back loaded the app and it wouldn't work l really when o er the way thay explained it and this was all a year thing so now I call back to get it fixed or some kind of answers to the way I was told and I get a man that was rude to the point to not let me explain what my reason of calling was and he would not let me finish telling him my problem so the I ask for supervisor and she gave don't care attitude like thats my problem so I asked for her employee name she gave me this number 151123_013689 so is this bow you have you're mgmt talk to youre customers or is thi is how you treat you're customers please reach unhappy. Customer asap my name is anthony I can be reached I thank you for you're fast response.

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