I don't have satellite radio but I do have SiriusXM NavTraffic for my Audi navigation system. When I first signed up, it was $8-9 per year. Now, 4 years later, it is $98 for two years. On top of that, if you look at the SiriusXM website, they list $4/month so it should only be $96 for two years (at the most). On top of that, they apparently had an old card on file and charged me a little over $4 for service since the start of this month *BUT* my expiration date for service is still 2017-10-31 so they are effectively double-charging me $4 for the 15 days of service (not enough for me to fight it but something they should definitely not be doing). I'm so glad Audi has switched their nav system in newer cars to not use SiriusXM NavTraffic (and, if I get a different brand, I'll make sure to check that).

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