No issues with using the service. It worked pretty well in my car and I used it a lot for longer road trips. It does not work well in areas with mountains however. But that is not my issue. Be very careful with signing up for free trials, or 6 months for $5 a month. It is very hard to cancel your service. I’ve called 4 times now and their phones have disconnected all 4 times. I've used 2 different phones now just to ensure it was not my phone. It's disgusting to think you are a company doing SATELLITE radio, streaming over the INTERNET on phones and web browsers and apps and yet to cancel you need to navigate a website and find one number at the very bottom of one page in small print. And you must call to cancel. Get it together. You would've thought the millions you paid in the lawsuit would've made a difference. I guess it has not.

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