Two stars because I had the service from 2006-2015 and up to 2013, used it daily. Know the comments about "bait and switch" pricing are accurate, so check your credit card statements every month to verify you are paying for the service you agreed to. Errored charges that go unreported are not their fault. Be firm as you have to with the rep to accomplish your goal (e. G. Cancellation, change in service offering). With any conversation you have with them, make sure you *always* get a confirmation number from the rep and demand it be emailed – although it probably will not be.

Be prepared to follow up on your cancellation because it may not be done the first time you ask. My experience is that their call logs are accurate, in the event you need to point to a past conversation. Be prepared to be disconnected from the call center as an "idiot tax" to deter you from cancelling. Be prepared to be "hard sold" to no less than three times before you hang up. If necessary ask to speak with a supervisor, and always get names. With a combination of free or low-cost listening options available to consumers and a business model based on deception, I'll give SiriusXM five years before they file bankruptcy. And no one in their management chain dependent on having a regular income will care.

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