We received a telephone call from the above Company a few months ago. They wanted to introduce us to their ink toners. I excepted their offer for a once off test kit and needless to say after that they keep on sending us products without us ordering. We have communicated via fax, email telephone – we send letters stating that they can’t send us products if we did not ordered them. The manager Willie is very rude and makes very rude and ugly threats. They stated that the telephone call was a contract between us and them – but the telephone call was not explained that you will receive orders without ordering. The other day I asked Willie that I want the telephone call recording where his consultant explained to me we that we will be receiving more than 1 order and he told me it is not recorded. But, it is a binding contract?

We addressed them with a letter 28 July, faxed and mailed the letter stating that we will not except their deliveries and they can only send to us when they received an official order from us. We received a telephone call last week stating that tracking is ready for collection as the post office when I asked where the lady was phoning from she stated from the post office – when I asked where the parcel were coming from she could not answer me. We receive many parcels through the post office so I did not think it could be another scam. Our driver collected and guess what they are dispatching now via the post office due to the fact that we do not except the courier deliveries any more. And when I checked the call identity on our system the phone call from the post office came from Siyakhula's number 011 321 1310. Their consultants pretends to be from the head office postal offices. They are dealing in a very unethical manner and when you visit Hello Peter there are many complaints in the same manner as mine.

My question is how is it possible that Companies like this can just be allowed to go on harassing consumers and no one is doing anything about it.

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