To the other complainer's report, it's not that the springs were stuck, the tension they run with in their devices are WAY too high for effective penis enlargement.

I had the same issue (not being able to use properly as a result as the tension caused too much pain and discomfort) and after repeated emails and attempts to contact them I finally surrendered and realised I had wasted my money.

I hear they are just a re-branded Jes Extender just with different (stupid) springs in them to trick fools into thinking that hey "put crazy amounts of tension into your penis and somehow it will magically make it grow faster". Where's the science behind that absurd claim, if you can't even use it because it's too uncomfortable, what gains are you going to get? None, and a lot of pain to try and get there.

Stay away from Sizegenetics, they seem to have taken a legitimate product and have changed the specifications to try and sell more. I for one fell for it, don't make my mistake because you won't get gains and you won't get your money back.

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