Skype is horrible and I want my account cancelled. Been through their NO CONTACT verfiication process 4 times and of course you cannot talk to anyone except by the keyboard. I want my account cancelled. They keep telling me that I do not pass their verification process and keep telling me I am a robot. I had a friend who died in 2010 and have called and talked to his sister and they have not cancelled his account either and it is still up yet he has been in the ground 5 years. His sister says that Sean was not a real person also and that since he is dead he cannot pass the verification process. Skype you are horrible BASTARDS and JERKS. All we want to do is cancel our account. Due to safety issues I do not want this account anymore and Sean set up his account and I set up my account and to tell us we are not passing the verification process. I talked to Sean's sister 4 times and she says that they want him to type in just like they want me specific information. Skype you BASTARDS Sean is DEAD. He is in the ground already. How in the hell can he do that.
They keep telling his sister and me to establish another account. Then we would have 2 accounts we do not want. Again my friend is DEAD in the ground. Please people out there who want to cancel your Skype accounts because weirdos are contacting you you cannot because of stupid and games they play that you cannot pass. They are jerks and bastards. Skype I HATE YOUR GUTS for what you are doing to me and your customers especially the dead ones. Skype is nothing but a corporate company who are GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY and horrible. I set up my account and why do you need all this information I did not even use to set up my account at all like my neighbors maiden name or where my next door neighbor grew up and where their kids are right now or where their ex-husbands are. You know that we will not have this information. I hate especially what you did to Sean where he cannot fight back. Please never ever never ever never ever never get an account with Skype. This is a warning. That is why the BBB is not accepting of them because they have a horrible record with the public. I hate you Skype for doing this to me. I plan to tell thousands what you did to me.

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