Skype was never that great in quality or customer service. Since the takeover by demonic microsoft it is like dealing with a passel of devils. Also, the quality of sound and service in general seems to deteriorate by the day. I've had 6-7-8 disconnects in one 10 minute call — and that's getting to be a norm.
Recently I took a 3 day business trip to Finland. I had an urgent call to my office. Found I no longer had skype. They had disconnected me without any reason or explanation. They stillhave maybe $50 of my money, my entire list of friends, family, business contacts, they stole my pricelss history of whom I'd spoken to and when. I had to fill out a long form. It was not good enough and they had me fill out an even longer form asking questions I didn't even have at home such as exactly when did I start their service. I have spent many hours
trying to get my service and my information, money and contact list back to no avail. To this day I have no idea why I was shut out. And they refuse to tell me.
Speak of a sadistic totalitarian authority, they are the poster boy for destructive evil companies. I am stopping use of skype, getting all my friends and contacts off of it. I wouldlove to sue them for the time, money and information they have ripped off!

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