I am an existing customer that is having multiple issues with this hardware, the vehicle interlock device. Until yesterday, Smart Start was very understanding that sometimes equipment malfunctions and that the customer shouldn't be at fault. That entire idea and thought has now been erased. I am now currently at the mercy of this faulty equipment, as it will let me start my car but may or may not register my rolling checks.

A brief history into my account will show that I currently have 3 violations. These violations ALL occurred after the device allowed my car to start. The equipment would then not register a completed test with the error message "mouth closer" and a wait time. The mouth closer message causes a time delay before the next test can be administered and increases the time between each mouth closer message. This in turn would go beyond the five minutes that one is allowed to take the test and results in a missed test/violation. I would then pull over, restart my car to turn off the horn alarm, and take the required test to allow my car to start. The test always passes and the machine allows me to drive on my way. This causes a $50 violation fee that is clearly no fault of my own.

About 2 to 3 months ago this happened and the telephone (18008803394) technician advised me to have my machine exchanged for a new one. The associate at the Pompano service center denied my request at that time. During this latest issue, the associate denied my request this time stating that my violation was caused due to a "dirty" mouthpiece. I have about 8 months left to satisfy this imposed interlock requirement and I am terrified that these equipment violations will continue, costing me additional fees and I have no idea if any of this will affect the completion of my mandated 2 year requirement with the state.

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