I have had a Smart Start device in my vehicle for over 2 years, and it has been nothing but an unpleasant experience the entire time. The company will fine you for their equipment malfunctioning and without question blame any equipment malfunctions on customer negligence. They will then charge you a fee to have it unlocked. When I first got the device installed I had to have the equipment replaced over and over again due to defective parts. The company will hit you with fees via contract clauses no matter the circumstances.

I was treated disrespectfully and Accused of lying by representatives and was also given the runaround through their TERRIBLE phone tree. Long hold times and rude, disrespectful, condescending, representatives await once you finally get a human being on the line. Don't waste your time or money with Smart Start, there are MUCH better options out there. Do yourself a favor and just move along! I've had enough, I'm having the device removed Friday (for yet another fee) and switching to a more reputable/respected company.

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