2 years ago I decided to rent a unit against my better judgement, from Smile Properties. I was apprehensive due to the long list of unpleasant complaints I saw on Hellopeter, but I was also desperate, I took the place on offer until my contract came to an end in December 2017. Inspection was carried out on 27 December 2017. I was supposed to receive my deposit back after deductions were made for any damage to the property as well as inspection and cleaning costs. I wasn't burning a brazier in the unit for them to demand an amount of R1799 for painting, this was an exorbitant cost that they are trying to pass on to me saying that I requested that the unit be painted. I had received a call from their maintenance office requesting that I avail myself to open for the painter, I know that my lease agreement explicitly says I need to give access to the landlord on request….I did exactly that, I asked for time off from work and waited for the painter. He painted the unit and I was asked to rate his service, I did just that. Now the story has been switched, and I'm the one who allegedly requested that the unit be painted. I have no authority to demand such from an agent and also since they even failed to fix my door handle when I requested that they do (a week after moving in), I lowered my expectations and did not contact them until the pipes started leaking and causing damage to my clothes and shoes. I've also been charged for a striker plate in the garage R80, I had to google what that is, why am I replacing that? I found the garage exactly like I left it, dirty, stained with a door that needed to be jimmied before unlocking. Why am I paying R760 for call out, labour and travel? What is the R1799 for? NEVER EVER EVER consider Smile Property, they are rude, cold and will rip you off…a bunch of thieves!!

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