Wow! I was looking at reviews and they brought back old bad memories of terrible staff, deception and "Stan" (the finance guy). If Stan or any other finance salesperson pressure you into purchasing a warranty and as a last resort try to sell it to you by giving you a postcard and/or telling you that if you buy the warranty and don't use it, at the end of the term you will get a full refund for the cost of the warranty by simply bringing in the card, I advise you get it in writing and not just on a pre-printed postcard. This advice could have saved me $1,500. I learned a costly lesson.

Years ago in around 2008 Stan sold me a warranty by giving me a postcard stating I will have my $1,500 refunded once the warranty is expired as long as I don't use the warranty. Based on this, I paid $1,500 for an extended warranty. Once the Warranty was expired in or around 2012 and never needed to be used, I brought the card into the dealership and the manager said "Stan was no longer with the company" and that the card Stan gave me meant nothing; I was told that this would have to have been written into the actual warranty and it was not. They seem to do and say anything it takes to make quick profit.

From my experience I believe the Finance Manager lacks integrity and his manager covers for him. Also when I discussed this with Jimmy who sold me the car I was told "You only bought a used car." I feel I was tricked by Finance and my business was not appreciated by my Salesman. Since then I bought another Nissan but from 112. Much more honest pleasant experience!!

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