Once a fine website, snapfish is now abysmal. The site is saturated with technical glitches that make even the most basic processes, such as changing the number of prints one is ordering prior to checkout, a grueling ordeal. Customer "support" is from online reps with Indian names whose English is rudimentary. I demanded a refund in exchange for the torture of having to spend half an hour on a chat trying to rectify a malfunction at snapfish's end. Naturally the problem was blamed on "your [i. E., my] browser" and a change to "another browser" was suggested. It is reprehensible when companies foist this unwanted (and irrelevant) advice on customers simply to try and excuse their own deficiencies. I used to create many products, including photobooks and calendars, on snapfish. Now I mostly use its competitors such as shutterfly and vistaprint. They aren't great either, but snapfish is the absolute worst.

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