I have had a SonicWall router since 2013. I have contacted support many times, with no resolution. My "small" problem? My license shows as active from the Dell side. According to the SonicWall side I nevery purchased the router, let alone the 3 year plan. So, nver an upate since purchase. I have had multiple broken English attempts by incompetent engineers who have remotely accessed the router directly; now I cannot even connect a Lan cable to the damn thing, all of my secure access to it has to be wireless. The last rep also set it up so my modem, not my router, is broadcasting the wi-fi signal… How the hell does it protect my wi-fi environment if all data is broadcast before going through the router???
Appalling service. On a related note, bought a Porsche with a service contract through my 8 year old nephew. Relatively satisfied with the performance of the Porsche.

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