I bought a earphone MDREX-650AP from Sony retailer shop and it has a 1 year warranty.
Unfortunately, after I bring it back and notice a static noise occurs when lower the volume of background sound, thus I take it back to the Sony service centre and require assistant and support from them, the receptionist test it and admit it the earphone had the problem above so they told me they will send the product to the workshop to test it 1 more time and wherever there are still the problem they will either repair it or change a new 1 for me, and what important for me, they said the process will COST ONLY 5-7 WORKING DAYS.
However, until 2 weeks now I haven't receive any message about my earphone's problem was solve and even I try to check the repair status through their customer service website the website pop out a "Please enter a valid repairt status code", what I want to complaint here is their repair process is really SLOW and their website is useless for CHECKING REPAIR STATUS, and the earphone I bought, as a birthday gift to my friend but now my friend's birthday is coming but the earphone problem still haven't solve, really disappointed for the efficiency of SONY CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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