I got to know how terrible SONY customer service is after the 60" TV bought Dec 2014 stopped working.

1. SONY has a few local service center to provide repair service. SONY's customer service representative told me she set up the appointment for me. But she never confirmed with local service center. I waited at home on that day but no one came. I called local service center and they said they did not receive this case!!! How can SONY system works like this!

2. Finally a technician came to my house and checked the TV. It is because of a faulty panel. He then submitted the report to SONY for replacement. (Do not trust SONY quality any more!) After that, I did not receive any response from SONY. I called a few times to follow up. The customer represetative told me someone from SONY will contact me in 24 to 48 hours but this never happened.

3. As a brand name company, SONY always fails to keep its promise to customer, including arranging on-site appointment and contacting customer in promised time.

4. Overall, this is a really frustrating experience and up to now, the problem has not been resolved. I cannot watched TV for over a month now. But I do not think SONY really cares about this. I will definitely avoid SONY in the future.

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