I've been a loyal Sony Playstation customer since the PS1. Earlier this year, somehow my PSN account was compromised and I could not activate my PS3. No big deal, I thought, PSN had been compromised many times and I figured they had a procedure in place. I was wrong.

Instead, customer support essentially told me that I'm a liar and must have given my account information out to somebody else (I've never done this). They even accused me of using functions that don't even exist for the product I called in for, which highlights they weren't even listening to what I needed help with.

After multiple breaches of their system and still sticking with them, they provided no assistance when one of those breaches finally impact me. Their only solution was that I wait 6 months to reactivate my account. My solution is to never buy another Sony product ever again. I've only needed customer support one time in almost 20 years and they refused to help me.

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