I have owned all generations of all Sony gaming systems. The PS4 I own begins having disk ejection issues. I called service and they are awesome. They shipped me a return box with postage. I sent the system to the service center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. System received October 16th for warranty repair. October 24th, I received my original system back with a letter stating it had been repaired. Power on system, do the update, and once again, disk ejection. Once again, called service and got the "Oh, we are really sorry" speech. I received a new box, resend system in for repair October 28th. Received an email on Nov 2nd asking for a call as they are unable to duplicate the issue. I spoke with Melissa who stated they will send me a refurbished system. Reluctantly, I agreed and am advised they will ship the factory refurbished system.

Fast forward to today Nov 5th, I receive the refurbished system and open the box. All I can smell is old cigarette smoke, YAY! Plug in system and nothing but a blank screen. I try new HDMI cables, different ports, but no signal. Try a different television, still no signal. Once again, call Sony support and go through all trouble shooting yet again. And I am told yet again that I have to send it in for service. For my trouble, they will give me a free premium game download. They will not replace the system but yet again, state they will send me a refurbished system. I speak with the manager William who tells me the same thing "I'm Sorry. We will send you a box and will then send you a refurbished system." I explain how dissatisfied I am as a customer, that I also work in service industry, and do warranty work. I would have been fired for doing a job like this.

Sony is unwilling to do anything to stand by their products except send a refurbished system and offer a free game download. I would honestly expect a new warranty system at this point. Sooo, here we are again waiting for a box via FedEx to arrive so I can once again ship a factory certified refurbished system back to http://mtcservice.com (does that look like Sony?) for repair or replacement with a refurbished system. Thanks for the free game. So glad you are willing to go above and beyond for your loyal customers. Let's see how they resolve this. All conversations and issues have been recorded along with printed transcripts of online chats with the reps who were actually pretty cool. Don't know if YouTube will be much of a help but may just have to put this out there for all to see.

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