I purchased the 55 inch tv on 03/16/2014 for $2500. The tv stopped working on Oct 4th 2015, just a few weeks past the 18 month warranty. When I try to turn the tv on, the led indicator flashes red twice. Up until the tv stopped working, I really did enjoy it. However, after many phone calls, Sony refuses to even consider paying for any repairs. The most the troubleshooting article says is that it is an "internal Component". The biggest rub is that one of the last customer service individuals I spoke to said that if the tv was less than 90 days past warranty, Sony would still cover the the repairs, but not replace it… I just needed to provide my proof of purchase. (Her name was Lisa and she was the only remotely nice CSR I spoke to…)

I then provided the receipt… Several days later was contacted by a cold csr who said my product was out of warranty. No kidding, I can add! He said she was completely incorrect. They again refused to do nothing more than refer me to an authorized repair shop. Totally frustrating. I can't believe a tv that cost this much stopped working after such a short time. I will NEVER buy a SONY product again. I warn other buyers to be aware…

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