We put an offer to purchase a house through Soukop Montclair, Durban 3-2-17. Seller came back and counter offered and we accepted 4-2-7. All confirmation was received via WhatsApp. The agent from Soukop said we would meet the Monday 6-2-17 to finalise everything but we were not to worry as we had a confirmation via WhatsApp. I was prepared to meet with the agent the 4-2-17. To meet with the agent on Monday 6-2-17, she told me that her other colleges had also put an offer in and theirs were higher…. The owner of that branch told us, that it is basically out of his hands and which ever the seller signs then that offer will go through. I had signed an offer the 3-2-17, the seller counter offer which I accepted. Not my fault the paper work could not be done the 4-2-17 as asked. We had a confirmed WhatsApp confirming that she accepted our offer…. Now we are told it is a waiting game and pray that your offer is signed…. So unprofessional and so illegal…. This firm is so unorganised and unpractical. My husband and myself had our hearts set on this house and to find out what has happened and the way we have been treated. This agency did not follow their procedure. I have all the paperwork signed at their office from the 3-2-17 and all the WhatsApp messages with the agent too. I will be taking his further legally as our dreams of our family home have been crushed due to the incompetence.

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