I am a disabled Army Veteran. On 11/6/15, I requested a pre board pass as I have always done. However, the Southwest agent started asking me questions. I showed her VA service connected disability card to no avail. I got a family pass. On the plane a passenger seeing the brace on my leg offered me his seat on the emergency exit which I took. When the plane was ready to take off a flight attendant came by and asked me if I was a pre board and I said no. She then said in a loud voice that they have stopped the plane and I need to leave the seat or they will return to the terminal and have me removed from the flight. I politely asked what was my other option was and I was told there was a seat available in the back of the plane. I took the seat I the back of the plane. Throughout the flight passengers going to the restroom thanked me for my service. It is noted that I was wearing an US Army Veteran hat.

It was then that several flight attendants started to be nice to me and one day next to me and quietly told me that I was disrespected and discriminated against for how I was treated. I was never so humiliated against as a disabled veteran. I have just got a new iPhone6s and I wish that I video recorded all of this so I could hope it would go viral but I was too shocked by how I was disrespected by these rude Southwest employees. If anyone was on Southwest flight 3173 from Indy to Kansas City on Friday 11/6/15, and seen what happened post your contact info on this site. Thank you Southwest Airlines for disrespecting Disabled Veterans.

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