My friend Kasey received a call from her family that her mother was dying and that she needed to go home immediately to Texas so she could pay her last respects before she passed away. She made a booking mistake in her haste and when she got to the airport the ticket agent told her "too bad" and forced her to pay for a second ticket so she could go home to see her dying mother. They didn't take into consideration the extreme stress when she booked her ticket and that she'd made a genuine mistake under stressful conditions.

Well, they may have gotten their second ticket, but they'll never get my booking in the future because they took advantage of a grieving woman who made an error. Good on you, Southwest, you ripped off a woman for $500.00, but that's the last money you'll get from our friends and family. And since we shared this story with our friends – we've all agreed – no more Southwest – so you've lost thousands in bookings while gaining $500.00!

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