The service of Spark Energy Gas and Electricity is good. Everything is great. But I'm paying more right now than Eversource (used to be Connecticut Line Power), the one that I just left. I got the letter, and Spark is more expensive. So, I've called and spoke to the lady and she said, "Well, you know, they do that." I'm in a fixed rate right now. But comes the winter, they're gonna jack their rates up. So, I'll be paying more. I'm hoping that it will at least be a less. I don't want to be paying more after doing this switch over.

The transition was not a big deal. They were very helpful and nice. But I switched to Spark Energy to save money, not to pay out more. But right now I'm paying out more than what I was paying with Eversource. Spark Energy set me to flatter and they give me power. They have to form a better rating or writing in their computer. So, I'm not happy nor satisfied with Spark Energy and I wouldn't recommend it to anybody unless I find out that I get a lower rate.

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