We're not too happy about the Spark because I'm paying too much for it. I was tricked into it when a person came to my house and installed the cable, internet and phone then he told me about spark and that my mother was saying yes so he asked for the light bill that's under her name. I gave it to him and I noticed that he was signing me up for spark. Then I got a letter a couple of weeks ago then a guy came to the door a couple of weeks later and told me that my application that I had put in Spark didn't go through and he was here to finish the work that the last person didn't finish. That's when I found out that that guy signed me up for Spark.

I told the guy that I wasn't interested in it and he said he'll take me off the list then left. But then a couple of months later, I received a letter from Spark showing me the differences and the percentage show that I'm paying more with Spark than if I wasn't with them. Their employees or whoever they send to people's houses should've explained to me what they are really about and that I had to sign up with Spark before they gave me a special offer for the cable. That's how I was tricked into it and then I ended up not even getting the cable – that's not right. It's on my things-to-do to call them and let them know that I want to take it out. Although, the second guy who came here said to me that there will be no fee to cancel it, but the letter states that I would be charged 150 to cancel. And, that's another thing that I need to speak to them about.

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