I got a Title loan on my car. Was making my payments every two weeks. Started getting notices that I wasn't making payments that I was behind by 2 weeks which a payment was just made. Made a payment September. Made another payment in October. Have had managers constantly tell me that I didn't make payment. When I showed proof that I did they said it didn't matter. It's not in their system. Today even though I wasn't behind on my payments they said that they had my car repoed even though I paid it off in full. Looking it up they have 3 ongoing class action lawsuits and 2 criminal investigation by state and federal laws. Their repo company must have the repossession agency's number displayed on truck with agency's name on it. They did not have. They just got paid in full though and now they want what is wrong and help them steal money and cars. The company they gave me for the repo does not exist.

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