I am 85 years old and I have flown many many airline trips BUT I have never had any of them that equals the recent trip to Florida and return to Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota. I know you have no control over crying screamiing children but the seats were beyond any uncomfortable seats I have ever had. Absolutely no room for knees or even being able to recline even slightly. And because of this, the persons sitting behind me were constantly pushing their knees into my back because there was no way to NOT do that. I know you need to make revenue to keep competing BUT I will tell everyone I know about the horrible experience we had… I felt like I was just a part of herd of cattle in a slaughterhouse. AND having to even pay for water and the unheard of price for a little cup of coffee.

The cabin attendants were not much help and not very friendly from entering and leaving the plane. NEEDS some training in the fact that WE ARE THEIR GUESTS while on board. I vowed I would NEVER EVER fly with Spirit again. If this was my first flight I don't think I would have ever flown again if I judged the whole airline industry by this airline… Shame on you!!!

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