I checked in with 2 friends flying from San Diego to Miami via Houston. Let me just say I have never, ever, had such bad customer service in my life. And the most appalling thing was it contrasted so much from the restaurant's staff, uber drivers and people of San Diego so much. Not only were the staff rude and not apologetic about a mistake they made on the check-in suitcase price but they were trying to grasp at any straw they could and almost turned the table on us saying that we would not be let in the plane if we continue with this attitude! Me and my 2 other friends are possibly the calmest most courteous people you will know but the confusion and frustration they caused us was infuriating!

Not only did they confirm the check-in baggage was $25 then charge us $50 per item but the till clerk said aggressively, "I made a mistake, ok? I'm only human." Without any apology whatsoever until we pointed out that we would have paid it had he just approached it a different way without the attitude! His name was Jack. If you ever end up at the Spirit check-in desk in San Diego, avoid this guy like the plague or heaven help you.

What exacerbated the situation even more was when another employee stepped in to back up this Jack character and said that "it's policy for us to charge on over-weight check-in luggage and you should know our policy." Again no apology from Joshua (who appeared to be the supervisor). The situation got worse when he paused from checking my last friend in and stated we would not get on the flight if we carry on like this! It was clear he was deliberately making us wait despite only having 45mins left before we had to board. The cheek of it! My word of recommendation/warning is to NEVER fly with these crooks at least until they figure out what customer service is! The flight itself was absolutely fine, but the check in desk were uncivilised monsters. Pay the extra few $ for a more reputable airline like Alaska or United.

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