I had waited in line and was told to go back and key in my baggage. And I did complaining that there should be a notice somewhere or on the web. When I came back, I got another agent and the first agent made it a point to come back and delay me 10 minutes for lack of 25 Dollars in change. I am afraid I won't see my luggage when I land in Atlanta so I am sending this review in advance as we are about to fly.

Updated on 11/9/2015: As I had stated in my earlier review, the stated agent did not attach the l Baggage tag to my luggage, which in his mind was to cause me problems when I landed in Atlanta but I was lucky enough to face an understanding baggage claims agent who let me take my luggage, especially after I showed her the picture of the agent, which I took before boarding (attached). It is one thing to deal with the bare-bones service that Spirit is known for but this does not mean that we need to face hardship because an agent who feels he can get away with it. I really want to take this issue even further legally so please advise me what I need to do. The agent in question was servicing clients at the LAX Spirit terminal for a 11:48 AM flight 474 from LA to Atlanta on Nov 7,2015. Thanks.

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