I scheduled a flight with Spirit and realized I was getting on the wrong flight. So, I remembered that if you need to change anything you can change it within 24 hours of making reservation. I called the Spirit customer service line and explained my situation and was told since it was 24 hours within making the reservation I could change it. Lo and behold, the customer service rep did not make any of the changes and did not send me an email. I called the next day asking about my change and they had no record of it! So, I not only lost money on a flight I could not get on because it was the wrong flight, they seem to lose any changes made in the 24 hour period. They say changes were never made! Thus of course losing your money and not being able to fly unless you are rich and able to give the airlines another $100 for the correct flight! They really shouldn't be able to treat people like that!

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