I want to make you aware of a customer service incident that took place on Wednesday, October 28th at the airport in Atlanta. My husband I were boarding flight #146 from Atlanta to Dallas and had a very negative encounter particularly with one of your gate agents, Melva. When my husband bought our tickets, we had pre-paid for a checked bag. We normally just do personal items or a carry-on, so I packed in a carry-on bag. We didn't think anything of it and nothing was said by the agents in Tampa, so we took our carry-on on the plane. On a side note, your employees at the Tampa airport have always been pleasant. While we understand your rules of the "bare fare", people make mistakes. Travel is stressful enough as it is without adding the interaction with rude employees, such as Melva. She was adamant about us checking our bag. I asked her why was it such a big deal when it wasn't in Tampa.

You should be very concerned about employees like her and how she treats your customers. It seemed more important to her to make her point instead of keeping a customer happy. My husband and I are normally easy going and laid back, but she got us both upset. We were outraged by her behavior. She was very argumentative—very disappointing to the point I wanted to make sure someone heard about how we were treated. I would like to request a response to this situation.


Mary Thames

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