The supervisor shut the gate 40 minutes before the departure time, I was in front of her when she shut the door. I begged and pleaded for the door to be opened. The plane was present and the equipment was all still attached to the plane, all the supervisor had to do is to open the door so that way I could have made my trip that I've been planning for over two months in advance. I wasn't the only person though, there was over 15 people with me who had to be on this plane. All of us asking for them to just open the door. We were treated like absolute dogs. The supervisor at the spirit desk mocked us, told us we're not going to be in Denver today, it was one of the most traumatizing experiences I've ever had to experience. She refused me and at least 15 others service. I asked her if I could be put on the next fight which was taking off the next day, she told us we were getting a "credit shell", which I wasn't even credited. The only way I could get on a flight to Denver is to pay for a ticket that costs anywhere from 500-700 dollars at competitor airlines! Is this how you treat and make your customers feel? Because if it is, I would much rather travel with xyz airlines and at least i wouldn't have felt the way I did today. I was treated unfair, the lady mocked me that I was middle eastern, i couldn't believe my eyes, she started pulling out her phone and recording myself and the 15 other travers that missed their flight, I got so upset that I had to pull out my phone and record her. When i replyed it and showed it to my friends and family they were absolutely shocked. I have never been mistreated by any employee, airline or not, in the past. I understand the lower fares that you guys offer are very appealing but it may not be enough to be ridiculed and to have left feeling not only humiliated but disrespected by someone you guys hired as a "supervisor". I really do hope going forward that this isn't a issue for me or anyone else and that is why I am writing out such a long and detailed message. I do fly with spirit and love doing my travels with you guys but if situations like this occur more and more often I may have to fly elsewhere.

PS – Supervisor refused to give her name, I left a review on spirit an no one has reached out to me yet in regards to this, I would give this 0 stars if I could.

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