I wish I could leave 0 stars.in late July I signed up for the 7-day trial. A friend of mine's daughter was talking to this "14" yr old boy online but her mother had doubts. I used the service to find out the true identity of this "boy." Come to find out it was a 24-year old man! So, as far as the usage of this service, I did find out what I set out to find out. So I would give them 4 stars in that department, if only they weren't such thieves! Now on to my complaint…

As soon as I found out what I needed to know I canceled my account online, less than an hour later. There is a section in your "account and usage" part where you can do so. On the bottom it stated "You are currently billed $0.00 every 1 month." I'm thinking, great, accomplished what I needed to and will not be billed anymore. 30 days later, not 7 (which would have made sense since it was a 7-day trial I originally signed up for) I am billed $9.95. I check my account again, it shows the last date of payment, but again underneath that is states, "You are currently billed $0.00 every 1 month."

How does 0.00 turn into 9.95? So I email the billing department. I get no response, so I contact them again about 10 days later. No response, I assume it was handled because my account states, "You are currently billed $0.00 every 1 month." However, 30 days later they steal another $9.95 from my account. Again I contact the billing department and again I check my account, "You are currently billed $0.00 every 1 month." Really? I am? That's why my checking account is $9.95 smaller every month?

The service offered by this company does what it says it will. I see some people can't find what they are looking for, but you need some base to start your search, phone number, cell number, old address, something. If you try to search with nothing it will be harder. But I warn you, if you are trying to just get a quick search you will be haunted by this company forever if you are not diligent in checking whatever account you use when you sign up. It seems to be impossible to cancel the account even if the computer tells you "You are currently billed $0.00 every 1 month." They lie. Seems like they count on us being too busy to check our checking accounts.

I am currently working on getting my stolen money back or at least stop the ongoing theft, but based on other reviews I have read, I am not holding my breath. It is now in the hands of the BBB. I may have to contact other agencies or go to the trouble of changing my checking account to stop this (which will cost me more money). What a pain the in!!! Use this site with extreme caution! They will steal from you and make it almost impossible to stop it!

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