I have been working with an employee at the Central office by the name of Jamie. When I first applied online I was called immediately and told I was approved for a $3000 loan as soon as they could verify my information. Since then I have been contacted no less than 10 times and asked to verify my information again and again in many different ways. When I called to speak with Jamie I was told she was sick and that no one else could help me. It has been 8 days and I still have not received my loan. When Jamie did return and I was able to speak with her and not her voicemail she was very rude and condescending and even aggressive towards me. I am very dissatisfied with this service and very disillusioned with this company and I will warn anyone I know against using their services. I hope that in the future they train their employees better with customer service skills as they are the first contact with the public.

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