I received a pre-approval notice in the mail at a time in which additional funds would help me tremendously health wise. Unfortunately, my insurance doesn't cover the treatment that I need to treat my tumors, so I have to pay out of pocket. That was explained to both loan officers that this is a pressing situation. Both Megan (? Last name) and Nick were extremely helpful in assisting me in getting the required documents. I was told I was approved for a certain amount and enough to pay of 3 small cc bills which would come FedEx and the other funds direct deposited in my checking account.

After I gave the information, I left maybe a total of 6 calls and 4 messages to the both as to what is the status at this point. I'm very anxious one, I have scheduled treatment after I was told I was approved. Secondly, I wanted to be prepared for the holidays and how this treatment will affect me along with radiation. Everyone was so professional in the beginning, I was approved and then nothing! I pray that I am not being taking advantage of especially at this point in my life. I was expecting to have the money in hand to have treatment this coming week. Please help!

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