Well here I am again complaining about Springvale online, 2 months ago I posted a complaint on hellopeter about Springvale not paying to my surprise the same day Cassim from Springvale online contacted me within 30 min of my review nd told me if I changed my complaint into a nice comment he would send me airtime nd more surveys to complete so like a fool I did as Cassim asked for the simple fact that I enjoy the surveys nd do them for the airtime that I'm always needing, to my surprise later that day I received R29 airtime but as for the surveys not evan one so he basically paid me in airtime to change my complaint on the false statement of more surveys well Cassim I will not be changing this review as you are untrue to your word I did not unsubscribe so be my guest as to explain why u have ignored my emails for the past 2 months asking u why I havnt received any surveys Springvale online u fooled me once ill be waiting ur reply on this review if u evan reply. Suggestion don't lie to ur loyal surveyors to get good comments Cassim Ashrad

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