Im writing this comment to express my anger towards this lazy, un-thorough cheap and uncaring company for their customers. I bought the hitman absolution game for my xbox 360. I played all the previous hitman game and completed everything at 100%. I was planning on doing this one, but the square enix company has a glitch in the game, where in the shaving lenny level, the notebook (wich is one of the items) is nowehere to be found. To complete all challenges that they incorporated in this game cannot be completed. Usually dedicated game manufacturers makes updates and game modifications to correct their mistakes or glitches like this. Unfortunately, square enix expects you to pay full price for a game, but neglects their mistakes and completely ignores the glitches. The game has been out for more than 2 years, no update or corrections were ever made. I am furious about this issue, why would you even consider putting challenges, if their impossible to do. Why put trophies or achievements if were unable to complete them. I'll have you know that this is the "VERY" last game i'm buying from this cheap and careless company. I am a huge dedicated fan to hitman games and this is an outrage for me, cannot believe that their going to deny and neglect this issue. I'm very disapointed in you guys, the ceo of this company should probably cut their recreation time at work, and actually have them work. The customera pay full price for a game that was made unprofessionally. Have your laugh guys, i'm never spending another dime on the sqare enix company ever again. Have a pleasant day, best of luck to ripping people off in the future.

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