My Name is Fiona Rozana Lombard I was admitted to Flora on the 19th of July with severe chest pains as my cardiologist is Dr marks who is an excellent doctor i was bedridden for 2 days had an angiogram performed by Dr Marks on the 20th at nine this morning the day sister in charge was very incompetant each patient had a nurse assigned to her bed but not me i was bathed 1 and unfortunately had an abcess in my buttocks which was very painful and i complained without any help from her until i told Dr marks who sent another doctor who came to see me and said he will operate later that day i asked the sister in charge to please get authorization from my medical aid as i am a pensioner and on a key care plus at discovery which she did not do i wet myself once because i called any nurse that walked by and it took 3 to 4 minutes for them to bring a bed pan which was as cold as ice i did not take notice of her name cause i was very distressed this was not my first stay at flora Dr Marks saved my life in june 2012 when i was rushed by ambulance and he put in stents in again nothing against Dr Marks i got so upset with her and told her i want to leave and she phoned him not telling him what happened just that i want to leave and he wrote on the report i am an adult he cannot stop me they phoned my husband to fetch me and as i left the lady at the trauma unit asked me what is going on and i explaine d she was vey sympathetic and called another lady i then told her the whole story she was worried because the my right leg had t be still for 6 hours i then left thanks i hope something will be done

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