I created an account to "try" your service due to needing to get ONE package out after the post office closed. Even though I signed up for the trial (luckily used a credit card that expired that month to pay for the one package I sent), you've tried to bill me for services I wasn't using and that I didn't even know I would be charged for. I called to find out why and the customer service rep LANA kept wasting my time trying to get me to sign up for your "cheaper" services, even after telling me my account shows that I just wanted to sign up for a trial. I had to tell her over and over that I wanted to account closed and to quit offering me other specials. Then she transferred me to her supervisor just so he could waste my time and make excuses for their poor customer service. 15 minutes on the phone when it could have been 2-3 minutes to close the account. Worst customer service… Well worst service in general.

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