My loan account was handed over to the attorneys. I was offered discount if I paid off a percentage. Wich I did I paid the amount on 6.11.2019 and on the 11.11.2019 the debit order for the loan came off. The lady from the attorneys office assured me after the loan was settled the account will be closed there will be no movement on the account. So I contacted the attorneys and she told me I have to go into the bank to speak to a consultant wich will refund me the money. Consultant cant help me because its the legal department that handles it. After receiving emails that the request has been resolved I went back to the bank consultant still couldnt help me. After phoning the customer care I was told only the personallendingrecoveries department can help me and they can only help by email. Sending a few more emails but no reply. Today is 4.01.2020. The account is in a minus, mangement fees and unpaid debit order fees are coming off. After consultant told me account is on hold and I wont be laible for any charges. Please advise who can help me. I just want a refund and I want to close the account and Im not willing to pay for any fees.

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