I am SO not a fan of logo driven consumerism & had avoided Starbucks like the plague but had the need for coffee during a carpooled commute up the NJ Turnpike & was outvoted to stop at either a small, independent coffee shop or 1 of the local convenience stores. All the nonsensical ways to order a large friggin' coffee made my knickers twist & I was looked at as if I had 3 heads when I didn't conform to their system & after having to point at the cup & getting an eye roll from the zit-faced teenager taking orders, I waited 10 minutes to be served the most vile, acidic sludge. As I guess I didn't know the lingo for extra sugar & 1/2 & 1/2, I was unamused with the speck of cream used & it certainly hadn't much sugar in it.

So, I sauntered over to the filthy self-service station to find the fancy containers of cream & milk were empty & lacking darn near everything but packets of "sweet & lo". After having to wait for another 10 minutes to ask for more of the things needed to made this vile concoction they call coffee palatable, I was begrudgingly given it. I was disgusted by everything about Starbucks & after 3 sips, I couldn't hack another sip. I learned that there was a convenience store at the end of the rest stop near the gas station where I actually was greeted by friendly staff & the coffee was fresh, various sweeteners (including organic, turbinado sugar), creams/creamers, 1/2 & 1/2 & milks were available.

Starbucks cup o' fail cost over $5 $2 tip for shoddy service, while the "gas station" coffee that was 1000x better was under $2. I cannot understand why people who make so little money from their jobs go out of their way to support this corporate monster. I don't understand those who claim to be coffee connoisseurs drink Starbucks as it is decidedly vile. If you're a true coffee connoisseur & find yourself in Southern NJ & really must have a GREAT cup of coffee, get thee over to La Colombe in Philadelphia! Otherwise, seek out the small "indy" shops that are all over the place (just avoid those with the crusty, broken down couches & furniture!) or even hit up a Wawa or Dunkin' before punishing your wallet & stomach with the nasty Starbucks.

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