My 16-year-old daughter went into the Starbucks inside the Kroger, Jefferson, GA. She was second in line, ordered and paid for her drink. Several people came in after her, ordered their drinks and left before she received her drink. After I dropped her off at school, I contacted this Starbucks to find out what happened. The lady I spoke with seemed uncaring and unconcerned about the situation. She stated that the cups may have gotten out of order, she wasn't making the drinks and she did not know. Not once in the conversation did she apologize or sound as if she cared.

All a customer wants when there is a problem with a company's service is to see if something can be improved if we visit this establishment again and an employee who acts concerned/caring and offers an apology even if she doesn't really care! I think someone needs to train this employee; I thought she was awful.

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