I have a roof leak but 1st. I'm told clean off the valleys. The leaves hold water. I did as told and also cut back the only tree around my roof. That was April 2015 and now Oct. 2015 it leaked again due to heavy rain and winds. I'm Getting the run around. I have had 2 roofers and both said I need a new roof hail damage and wind damage. Now they say the roof was put on wrong. I Don't know what to do. I'm on disability and can not afford to replace the roof myself. I feel I'm being discriminated against every time they come out and look then they turn around and say something different and I know I need a new roof because the shingles are missing up there. I have all pictures of the roof of even had him go up there and put tar up there to stop it miss that the other but it's still its not working.

So if I was anyone else please do not have homeowners insurance through State Farm. I haven't had a claim on my car and I hope if I ever do that they pay it immediately and not hold your money for depreciation until you repair the problem. Is there anyone here in Texas Mesquite. Tx is where I live and my agent is Larry Allen.

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