If it was up to me and my home was paid for, I would not have homeowner's insurance. My neighbor has a tree that is over my privacy fence and he will not cut this tree.in the summer, some of the branches from this tree fell into my central air unit and cost me $300 to fix. State Farm said that this amount could go toward my deductible but they want to wait until the rest of the tree falls and destroys my whole system. This is completely idiotic to me and I consider this as preventative maintenance.

I eventually hired someone to cut the top out of this tree and I ended up taking my sorry neighbor to small claims court to recover some of the costs inferred over this incident and what made me super mad was the fact that when I got into court, this inconsiderate neighbor wanted to know why I did not have all of the tree cut down. Hey, fool, this tree is on your property and hangs over my 8 ft. High privacy fence. I did not charge this idiot for the damage to my privacy fence. State Farm is not my first choice for homeowners insurance.in 10 years I have never filed a claim but I pay for this service every year.

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