We had a new dishwasher installed improperly and for a month leaked water into the wall and under the floor. After discovery of the problem, we contacted State Farm. Our claims team representative rudely told us first thing, "We do not cover any mold or rot." Then, we were told we could not be placed in a hotel just because we lost our kitchen, had 3 kids, and exposed wires. I had to state my husband was a disabled vet and then establish a "valid reason" of why we had to go to a hotel. After two weeks of staying at a hotel, the clean up was completed. All of work was not yet completed. State Farm claims told us to go back to the house until we could obtain a work order. Then we could go back to the hotel.

We live in a high new construction area. The claim department is rude. I felt it was wrong and unfair to have us live in a home with no kitchen with exposed wires and three small kids. What's worse, the team seemed to gleefully enjoy going over our bad circumstances and deny us a place to stay because we have to establish a reason… And losing a kitchen, having 3 kids and exposed wires is not enough. I plan to get new home insurance as soon as possible.

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